How WT-PA Works


 The WT-PA is a simple concept, executed beautifully, developed using proprietary technology by an audio and communications team with a combined 80 years of experience, built from providing solutions to institutions and industries of all sizes.
 The WT-PA is a system add-on that is used for re-broadcasting messages for Area Wide Announcements by accessing your existing intercom and sound systems using communications radios (Walkie-Talkies).
 The WT-PA installs easily with multiple means of integration and maintains your existing Public-Address System and radio communications functionality when not activated.
 The WT-PA also has the capability to connect into other types of systems and devices.




 Large areas such as: schools, oil fields, construction sites, stadiums, hospitals, warehouses, airports or any other places where your team uses walkie-talkies to communicate will benefit by using the WT-PA system.   
 In addition the WT-PA can remotely activate door lock systems, sirens, strobe lights, and be connected into existing security systems. 


What's Inside?

 The WT-PA uses a unique design of radio receiving equipment, digital audio recording and professional audio and logic controlled interfaces.
 There are internal and external Cancel/Suspend Buttons to prevent activation by unauthorized personal.

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